SchedEz API

SchedEz API (Application Programming Interface) is built on .Net framework utilizing SOA architecture to access SchedEz business objects. API layer provides the flexibility to rapidly and cost effectively integrate any Microsoft .NET, Java, or other Web service accessible application with SchedEz. This integration allows you to build new online services that are tightly integrated to the core institutional systems.  This is possible because of SchedEz adoption of a Services Oriented Architecture (SOA).

SchedEz API suite contains web services that interface with :

  • HR systems accommodating real-time management of the faculty recruitment and compensation.
  • Student Information systems providing real-time management of the student enrollment and degree plan
  • Third party self service web portals
  • Attendance tracking systems
  • Bulk loading of class data from your SIS to SchedEz
  • Automatic updating of class data in SchedEz as additions, changes, and cancellations are made in your SIS.